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David Okwii is a System Engineer with about 5 years experience in System administration and software development. At University, I worked with Makerere’s Community Wireless Resource Center (CWRC), a University research project that builds wireless networks for rural communities after which he joined SMSMedia in 2010, a leading Mobile Value added service provider as a software Engineer. There he developed mobile-based applications using PHP and Python programming languages that used SMS and USSD platforms to deliver content to mobile devices.

David then joined Linux Solutions/Cured as a System as a solution administrator before working with Hataricloud as a cloud Engineer. He’s exposed to cloud technologies and vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud computer, Amazon AWS, Linode, Digital ocean which he uses to build and deploy scalable and highly available web applications for several clients.

He currently works with Infinity Computers & Communications Company (i3c), an ICANN-certified .ug country top level domain registry and web/email hosting company as a System’s specialist where he’s responsible for the company's critical IBM cloud infrastructure that serves domain, website and email services to hundreds of clients.

Technical experience
  • I has strong experience with Unix/Linux shells such as Bash, Fish, Zsh and BASH scripting. I have written a number of scripts to automate routine backups, server & network monitoring, file and directory manipulation, automounting volumes among other things.
  • I have the ability to manage and configure LAMP(Linux, Apache, Mysql, Apache) stack, especially the Apache web server.
  • I have got experience configuring and tweaking both Apache and NGINX web servers as well as specialized Load balancers such as Haproxy.
  • I also have experience with RMDBs such as MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL, including setting up master/slave replication, automatic backups and diagnosing configuration and slow query issues.
  • I have experiencing installing, configuring and managing email servers such as Zimbra, Postfix and IMAP/POP3 servers like Dovecot.
  • Strong understanding of the DNS protocol including setup and configuration of DNS infrastructure using Bind 9 name server, master-slave configuration, dynamic DNS using TSIG keys.
  • I can configure SSL certificates for web, database, load balancers and mail servers. Experience includes creation of CSR certificates, verification using OpenSSL tool and automated renewals.
  • Strong knowledge in scripting languages mainly bash, php and python and ruby.
  • Am able to do Web application development using ruby on rails and python flask or Django.
  • Good understanding of HTML/CSS/Javascript although am not a full-stack web developer or designer.
  • Deep understanding and usage of git as a version control system.
  • I have a strong understanding of networking, Linux routing, ipv4, firewalls, file-sharing protocols (NFS, Samba, DNS, FTP, HTTP).
  • Understanding of Linux containers(LXC).
  • I have knowledge of backup and restore procedures using rsync-based backup solutions.
  • I have Experience with monitoring services.
Soft skills
  • Writing: I've good communication skills especially with the written form. I have been blogging for over 7 years now having helped co-found Dignited, Uganda's most profound Technology website.
  • Product Development & Startups: I have been involved in bringing to life as the lead product manager for some Tech-drive apps or websites such as Dignited, Storipot, Roadconnexion.
  • Community development: I have helped start and manage Codehippos, an online community of software developers and designers in Uganda.
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Note to recruiters: Since I get a lot of emails from recruiters, I might be able to promptly respond to yours. Otherwise for consultancy or have interesting job openings, kindly contact me at me(at) or oquidave(at) However,

David Okwii

David Okwii is a Systems Engineer who currently works with Africa's Talking, a pan-African company serving millions of API queries for SMS/USSD/Voice, Airtime and Mobile Payments across 6 countries.

Kampala Uganda

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