“Ping” a specific port on a remote host

How to check if port on remote host is open or closed.


Switching from Vagrant to Docker as my development environment

Why I switched from using Vagrant to Docker in development


Site Monki: Automating website uptime monitoring

site monki automates website uptime monitoring, ssl checks, domain and cron monitoring


You’ll love Golang’s approach to error handling

One of the marks of a great app is good error handling. Ever since I started my programming career, this is something I have always grappled with. For instance you build a login or registration form, but then the user enters values that the app doesn’t expect….say the app


API design and development bootcamp

summary of bootcamp on api design and development


The developer imposter syndrome

I met a developer friend at one of the dev meetups. As usual, we developers like to delve deep into all the cool shiny tools we are using and discuss the latest trending topics. We like to show up that we are smart and have great knowledge of our craft


5 Timeless dev skills every developer must know

– HTML/CSS: The web has grown and is still growing since the internet became the best thing since sliced bread. As a developer you will need knowledge of HTML & CSS to build simple and complex web (and these days mobile & desktop) apps. HTML/CSS are simply markup


Building USSD apps

What is USSD and why should you care part 1?

Dial *165# to access mobile money menu.

You have seen that on billboards, radio Ads, SMS promos, TV commercials, web banners and elsewhere. That’s because *165# brings in on average Ugx 100 billion every day for MTN.

But what most


My solo trip to Jinja and the River Nile

So over the weekend, I travelled to Jinja on a solo trip. I have always wanted to do this actually. When I heard that the iconic Jinja Nile bridge was up for opening, I knew this was my opportunity.

Jinja has a historic significance to me. I grew up there


Deploying a Django App to Heroku

So you have developed your new shinny app. It’s time to show the world what you have got. But it quickly hits you that development, deployment and production are completely different things.

How do you move from localhost to cloud with a lot more ease?

The conventional way is to