Transitioning between jobs and what’s for 2018

Transitioning between jobs and what's for 2018

At the beginning of this year, I quit my job at Uganda’s .ug registry where I had worked for the last two years. After my trip from China, I knew it was time to move on to something else. I felt I had exhausted my usefulness at the company, so it was time to give someone else the opportunity while I pursue others.

It was such an easy decision to come make and that’s why I believe it was the right thing to do.

2018 so far has been good. Hot as usual. There’s a lot dust along the road coming to home which is common for murram roads in Uganda.

While in my “unemployment mode” as some friends call it, I have got time to finish a number of things I have been postponing either because of lack of time or just laziness.

Switching banks

For starters I have switched banks. I have finally managed to leave UBA bank. Yes that breakup was long overdue. It’s very surprising to me that banks still operate as though it’s the 90s. Poor customer care, inefficient systems, incompetent or poorly trained staff, lack of innovation are some of the main reasons I finally had to pull the plug.

I am now in search of bank that ideally doesn’t require me to visit the banking hall at all except at the time of registering or closing an account. I am looking for one which offers electronic banking via the internet and mobile, is reachable via phone, email and social media and is inter-operable with other banks and systems.

Government paperwork

This transition period has also given me time to chase after some important government documents. For one, my passport needs a replacement. I had a lot of trouble at immigration because the machines couldn’t properly read my passport which I have barely used by the way.

Together with my passport, I am also finally registering for that overrated national ID. Actually I need this ID to replace my passport. It’s becoming very hard to obtain anything in this country without that ID. Now you would expect that such a compulsory document is easy to get as a Ugandan citizen, but you will be shocked.

There are such so many sloppy hands in this country, we need prayers. When I went to register, I was told it takes about 2-3 months for one to come out. I know friends who have waited for more than that. So God help us all.


I like my sleep. Not just any kind of sleep, but morning sleep. My wife knows this, so I am excused from a number of tasks that involve waking up very early in the morning. If I did them, she knows it’s great sacrifice from me.

My next mission

I can’t tell you how excited I am about what I will be doing next. It just feels like the next place I should be working at. And this is an indicator of the right decision.

You know I have been thinking about Africa. I have read about different country profiles, history and dreams of many young people in the African continent. True, we have had a lot of issues some of which are our own doing — our leaders have failed us. Pre-colonial African leaders had such zeal and vision for the continent that even in amidst of oppression and turmoil back then, I believe one knew the future of the continent was great. It lasted for a while until slightly beyond independence after which things went south.

Black people started to turn against one another. Power, Greed and fear turned the hearts of men cold against each other. The common enemy was gone and now we were our own worst enemy. Countries turned against each other. There was coup after coup. For the next 50 years, we lost it.

But a new generation of Africans is rising. One that believes the future of the continent is bright. And one that’s willing to work together to forge a better future for the continent.

I’ll be working with just about anyone with that shared vision. My goals and ambitions from 2018 going forward will be bigger than me, bigger than Kampala, bigger than Uganda.

So I anticipate slightly increased inter-continental travels. I hope to visit more African cities such as Kigali, Nairobi, Dar, Jo’burg, Lagos. Taste various African cuisines, meet and work with some of the best minds on the continent. That’s why I am really excited.


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