Planning to hold my first Webinar

Planning to hold my first Webinar

Slow and expensive internet in Uganda and most of Africa has and continues to thwart us from connecting and sharing knowledge and ideas easily. While most users are familiar with text-driven web applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, most people don’t know some of the the other powerful applications of the internet.

This has held us back.

Personally I have always done everything I can to get the best internet services for work, play and personal growth. I invest quite a lot, a lot more than the ordinary Ugandan on data.

With the bottleneck taken away, I want to start something I have never done before — hold a webinar. I plan to hold one even though I have never actually attended one until now.

A webinar for us the uninitiated is an online seminar or a workshop. People convene to discuss and share a topic of common interest. But unlike the offline ones where you attendees all agree to meet at a specific location such as hotel or conference hall, here everything is online. All you need is an internet-connected device with a camera and microphone.

I have already looked at different webinar software/service options such as GoToWebinar by GoToMeeting, Webinars OnAir, StealthSeminar. I have decided to go with Google Hangouts because its free and looks familiar.

You can invite people to the Google hangout via their email addresses. Hangouts also has a screen-sharing feature which would be nice for a technical session where you can share code or terminal session in real-time like screenshot of this Telegram bot am building in Ruby.

I don’t even have a topic in mind yet let alone the dates but 4th Nov, or 11th would be a good day? If you want to attend, let me know by registering in the form below;



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