Some special character names

Some special character names

“#” is not a hashtag and “*” is not star! Knowing special characters and their names is important when programmers are communicating with themselves. Or even when you are Googling for a solution.

Here is a list of names of some common special characters you will encounter writing code.

# is called an Octothorp or pound sign
* is an asterisk 
~ is a Tilde
& is an Ampersand 
` is a back-tick
^ is a Caret
@ is an atmark
| is a vertical bar
! is a bang, or Exclamation mark
% percent sign
$ dollar sign
'' single quotes
"" double quotes
: colon 
; semi colon
_ Underscore
(	Left parenthesis/round brackets
)	Right parenthesis/round brackets
 angle brackets or less/greater than signs
[] square brackets
{} curly brackets
 back slash
/ forward slash
#!  is called a shebang
-> object operator



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