You are a complete idiot

You are a complete idiot

You are a complete idiot if you judge other humans by the colour of their skin, race or tribe and not the content of their character. Yeah that’s right, only lunatics do that.

Those that foster such short-sighted prejudices only serve to fortify their own selfish interests. The slave traders and owners, colonialists, nazis were all a bunch of blind people. Not that they were born that way. But they were deceived, blinded from the truth.

What is truth? Is there such a thing as universal truth can we can only subscribe to irrespective of our backgrounds, skin color, faith, sex and geography? Yes and you are a complete idiot if you don’t believe in these truths;

Justice: Justice means to protect right or good and to punish wrong or evil. Everybody, every human being deserves to be treated right.

“And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.” Luke 6:31

To have their human rights to be respected. Like the right to Life, Liberty/Freedom from slavery, Personal Security, own property, marriage and family, leisure, opinion, education and several others.

Love: Love is a universal truth. Everybody, every human being deserves to be loved and to love. This is true across any culture, race, faith or geography. It’s a human thing to love and to be loved. You ought to “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Even animals to do this to their own kind. They express emotion of love. Only idiots don’t know this.

Equality: All men were created equal by their creator. If you believe that you are somehow more superior to another, then you are a complete idiot too. The white man believed that he was genetically more superior than the negro and for over 200 years was kept under the bondage of slavery and racial segregation. The Nazi though their leader Hitler believed that Germans were members of a superior group of races that he called “Aryan.” They made their followers believe that the German “Aryan” race was gifted above all other races.

You don’t have to live and die an idiot.


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