How to have faith and not fear

How to have faith and not fear

Faith and fear are two equal but opposite forces.
Fear is simply faith in the negative stuff. The absolute belief that something undesirable or unpleasant will happen to us.

Both fear and faith come by meditation. When you wrap your mind around negative thoughts, then fear will inevitably yield, but when you meditate on good thoughts, faith will spring up.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Fear is a contiguous force. It’s like a virus. When you hang around fearful people, you’ll inevitably be struck by fear yourself. It’s like being a secondary smoker. You don’t have to hold a cigarette to inhale nicotine, you simply have to be around someone smoking. You’ve to actively confront your fear otherwise they’ll overpower your mind.

Like fear, faith is also contiguous. When football team captain is full of faith that his team will win, it boasts morale with His teammates. The likely result is that his team will win. When you have faith, those around you will catch some of it.

Faith and fear are equal but opposite forces. They operate the same way although yield different results. Faith or fear is generated based on what information you allow in yourself. Depending on what you see, touch, smell or hear you’ll either be courageous or fearful, bold or timid, confident or shy, daring or careful, aggressive or complaisant.

I mostly watch what I hear and see. Hearing and seeing are one of the Bodies most powerful input engines. What you read on magazines, blogs, social media, email is all massive information that outputs either of the opposing forces. I tend to keep track of mostly objective and generally positive media channels to keep fear at bay and invite faith in. I Tend to spent as little time as possible with pessimistic and negative people. I don’t read their emails or reply to their WhatsApp. It can seem to be a mean thing to do, but not if it’s working for my self-interest.



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