Don’t be sick and Google

Don't be sick and Google

Last night I could barely catch some sleep. During the course of the week, I noticed I had developed weakness in the muscles. I brushed it off suspecting it was either physical fatigue or that I was simply feeling under the weather.

Then I started developing some blisters on my face. It got serious last night when I couldn’t catch my much treasured sleep which prompted me to quickly see a doctor. It turns out I had a viral infection.

Previously when I developed medical symptoms, I ran to Google or Whatsapp Dr for quick answers. But this behavior became counter-productive for me after how I felt each time I read those online medical articles. I was always left more confused, more anxious and more fearful of what I was suffering from. That’s majorly because these “self-diagnosing” articles always try to cover the entire scope of possibilities of the sickness you might be suffering from. Even side-effects of a simple flue for instance sound extremely alarming when you read them. So I stopped.

Now it’s after getting proper diagnosis from an actual doctor that I might read up on some medical literature. For instance, this morning I found myself learning the difference between a bacteria and Virus. I then dag up a little more on the viral infection am suffering more, how its spread and medical drugs for it. With a sure understanding of what am suffering from, now I have a defined scope of information I need to know about.

Am hoping to get better in the next coming days thanks to awesome folks at Life Link Ntinda.

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