How to write about yourself

How to write about yourself

Have you met someone or gone for an interview and you are asked to talk about yourself and your mind goes blank? Talking about yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do in the world. I bet you agree, uh.

Writing or talking about oneself is no easy feat. You just don’t know what to say and how to say it. You have a lot of details to give and you don’t know what to say and what to leave out. You also don’t want to appear proud or braggy when talking about your talents or achievements. You also don’t want to put on “false humility” by underplaying your successes.

So how do you write about yourself? I actually came to write this post when writing the bio section of my blog. Boy, I was clueless for almost an hour. I kept hitting the backspace keyboard on my PC as I tried to find my flow.

So I did some research and after this, I challenge you to get your notebook or PC and write about yourself in less than a paragraph.


Who are you?
What is your background?
What are your interests?
What are your talents?
What are your achievements?
What challenges have you faced?

Here’s what I came up with…

About myself

David Okwii is a Ugandan-born Technology writer and System’s Engineer. He has blogged extensively about the tech ecosystem in Africa through, a blog he helped co-found while at the same time working with several startups. He once played cricket at high school before discovering sports wasn’t really part of his talents. He has since found himself mostly indoors punching away keyboard of his computer either blogging, coding or trying out the latest Linux distro.

Nice meeting you.


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