What I am learning Q3 2018: Docker, Kubernetes, Golang and RabbitMQ

This year got off a good start; I changed jobs and I am almost half way my target of jogging 100km! Speaking of jogging, it’s been really hard to make serious progress even for a seasoned runner like me.

Part of it is because of my work schedule which allows


I took an epic 10 minute voice call survey

On a random Friday morning while quietly sipping my tea, my phone rang at about 10am. The phone number was a landline unknown to me, so I hesitantly picked up the call thinking that it’s perhaps my bank, a utility company calling me. It turns out, It was actually an


Ugandan drivers will dodge traffic jam at all costs

Uganda is notoriously known for terrible roads and consequently heavy traffic jams. Kampala specifically is worse being the capital of the country. And if you hope to have any level of success driving through Kampala, you have to adopt the rule of the jungle which is — there are no


Setting up Django environment using Pyenv and Virtualenv

Setup django using pyenv


Kill process running under certain port

So you have started your django or Node JS or Ruby on Rails development server. Then you make some code changes that require the dev server reboot. Usually the server automatically watches your code files and reboot by itself, but sometimes, It doesn’t. You have to stop or restart the


Using Wireshark to troubleshoot http GET and POST requests in your code

Wireshark has been a beloved swiss knife used by Sys Admins to troubleshoot network problems for years. So, it’s not surprising that most devs don’t know the magic powers behind this awesome tool when they write their code.

Sure you can use print/echo statements to find out the reason


Transitioning between jobs and what’s for 2018

At the beginning of this year, I quit my job at Uganda’s .ug registry where I had worked for the last two years. After my trip from China, I knew it was time to move on to something else. I felt I had exhausted my usefulness at the company, so


My home workspace tour

Having a great workspace has been a long long dream of mine. Ask my wife or any of my close friends, they will tell you of how I have always dreamt of this awesome home workspace.

I am not a fun of bringing work back home, but sometimes if I


Go east young man

Growing up, I always heard stories of Family and friends going to “outside countries”. This usually meant people were travelling to western countries most notably the U.S, the UK or some exotic country in western Europe. Reasons for travel were varied but the most common is mainly


Am sick and tired of Kampala’s public transport

For years, I’ve resisted the urge to get private means of transportation. I have held the view that owning is expensive (buy and maintain) and contributes to urban congestion aka traffic jam and increases on our carbon footprint.

I know that owning a car in Uganda carries more social than