Planning to hold my first Webinar

Slow and expensive internet in Uganda and most of Africa has and continues to thwart us from connecting and sharing knowledge and ideas easily. While most users are familiar with text-driven web applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, most people don’t know some of the the other powerful applications of


Using Sensu for System monitoring, incident management and alerting

So it’s roughly 3 weeks ago that I wrote that I was doing some research on system monitoring and incident management system for the infrastructure I manage. Monitoring is a big part of DevOps which am particularly enthusiastic about.

Among the several options I came across, I zeroed down on


What I am learning: System monitoring, incident management and alerting

Last week I gave a talk on DevOps at the Facebook developer circles at Outbox. I was impressed by the reception and interest I got from the attendees. Because Devops is already something am incorporating in our organization, it’s something that’s going to occupy me for a while.

One of


Some special character names

“#” is not a hashtag and “*” is not star! Knowing special characters and their names is important when programmers are communicating with themselves. Or even when you are Googling for a solution.

Here is a list of names of some common special characters you will encounter writing


Uganda is a rich country, it’s just unoptimized

Over the weekend with friends, I had a memorable road trip to the land of my ancestors. East of Uganda is a beautiful countryside endowed with natural resources, good weather, rich food and incredibly friendly people with diverse rich cultures.

I come from Kumi district which among other things is


Devops, the faster and more effecient route to production slides

Yesterday I gave a talk on Devops fundamentals at the Facebook Developer Cycles event held at Outbox Kampala.
Devops is a new way of building, shipping and maintaining software in production.


The Solo African developer

Writing software for a large part of my career so far has been more of a solo lone ranger on his laptop furiously punching the keyboard away. Somehow, I find that am the only guy working on a particular project except in cases where a designer has come up with


Making http Post and Get requests in Ruby on Rails

Because everything now has and should have an API, one of the most common things you have to learn and use in any language is how to make API calls. Usually this is done via http using REST, SOAP, or XML. I prefer using RESTFul APIs because they are actually


Domain transfers are not worth it, don’t do it

Because this has been a cause of such untold agony, I’ll tell you this; domain transfers are an absolute headache and quite unnecessary in the first place. The process isn’t exactly standardized across registrars, so every time I have to do a domain transfer for a client, it’s almost always


Enable logging for MySql queries

Logging mysql queries is turned off by default. But general logging of mysql service which includes errors and warning are turned on.

Sometimes though, you want to know what query your application is actually performing. This is useful while debugging applications that for instance use ORM(Object Relational Mapping) frameworks